If you work in social media marketing or track your companies online presence, you know how difficult it can be to monitor every post, tweet, RSS feed, review, etc. With all the new social media and customer review websites that seem to pop-up weekly, it’s challenging to find the time to track them all and record who is talking about your brand. Social media monitoring tools are extremely helpful at tracking what is being said about your company online, not to mention saving you a lot of precious time.

Companies of all sizes and in every industry are quickly adopting video conferencing as a way to stay connected, increase productivity and cut costs in these difficult economic times. As prices on conferencing equipment drop and the technology becomes easier to use video conferencing is gradually becoming an efficient way for business to communicate with employees, customers and sales prospects. Below are a few benefits of adopting video conferencing as part of your everyday operations.

Could you imagine losing all of your digital pictures, files, folders, emails all in the blink of an eye? Well, if you drop your lap top, spill coffee on it, it gets stolen or the dreaded blue screen of death appears, this could be your reality! Some corporations offer their employees data backup solutions, however most do not. And if you’re like most home office or small business owners you don’t have an IT Department to keep your data safe and secure. Therefore, you need to choose a backup solution that is best for your personal and professional needs.

Within the last few years the use of video has grown from a few businesses occasionally including it on their website, to an essential, competitive differentiator that can streamline operations and quickly promote a brand. Leading companies of all sizes are embracing this shift and making video a central part of their online marketing campaign.

Google+ for business does a unique job blurring the lines between personal social networks such as Facebook, and business networks like LinkedIn. We know what you’re thinking, “not another social media network I need to join and keep up with”. However, before you decide stop reading, checkout the list below. Here are just a few reasons why Google+ shouldn’t be ignored.

Blogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A blog can be a web log, a daily pulpit, a collaborative space, a breaking-news outlet, a collection of links or an online public diary or journal that is written for others to read. Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them and there are no real rules. In simple terms, a blog is a website where you write informative articles (blog posts) on a continual basis. Most recent entries show up at the top so your visitors can read what's new. You can even set up your blog so your visitors can comment or link to it.

Joomla! has many extensions but here are 10 of the most popular ones.

iCloud is the latest incarnation of Apple’s online services, replacing MobileMe which is due to be discontinued in the middle of 2012. iCloud is a free service which replicates most of MobileMe’s functionality, such as syncing email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks and notes between multiple desktops and gadgets.

Data centers and complementary security infrastructure are essential elements of any business. Whether to interact with customers, collaborate with business partners, or equip workers with access to the latest files and productivity-enhancing business applications, these critical operations require a well-designed and well-run IT infrastructure.

The most effective and economical global security system ever engineered. Over 200 million hacks blocked, thousands of hackers shut down and many active prosecutions. Now you can get this Proven Next Generation patented system for your website or server for an amazing low price of just $9.95 per month / domain.


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