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How many times have you gone to a website expecting to see, or at least hoping to see a beautiful, clean, simple, and professional presentation of content? When you get there, do you find yourself asking "Why hasn't anyone updated this website? It looks like something from 1997!"

There is a current litigation trend in which courts are being asked to determine whether websites, specifically websites facilitating business transactions, fall under the purview of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In recent decisions, courts have been moving away from their previous view and applying the provisions of the ADA to e-commerce sites.

This month we had quite a few submissions for the Site of the Month; however, one in particular stood out to us and gripped our hearts. It isn't the site name McCowen.net rather the content on the site that made us stop and take a long hard look at how precious and fragile life can be.

As 2012 descends upon us rapidly, many begin to think of their health once again. It is that time of year when you have to wait for a treadmill at your local gym, find another hour or two in your day to get in that line, and then there is the one obstacle you are always up against...eating healthier. As busy as we all are, it is difficult to find the time to prepare your own meals and too tempting to eat out. As you begin your new year, consider adding POM Wonderful to your routine. Not only is it healthy for you, the taste is sensational.

This will be another year of change at Google and they’ve indicated the overhaul they have in store for 2012 is far greater than previous years. Two notable changes will be how website owners market themselves online and the amount of free analytics Google will provide.

Open Source has been a “buzz word” for quite some time. Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS), like WordPress, has become increasingly popular because of its inherent cost structure (virtually free), ease of use, scalability, and workflow. With more people building their websites and blogs with open source CMS systems, we wanted to outline 5 of the more popular open source Content Management Systems for websites.

2011 was a year for the second generations, “the II’s”, or if we’re talking films it would be the year of the sequels. In 2012 we are expecting to see new technologies beyond just a “sequel”. Listed below are the top technology trends we hear are on the horizon for this year.

Mobile apps are a large part of our everyday world. The most popular mobile apps for 2012 will have unique features that cater to the mobile environment rather than merely act as an extension of their online peers. Mobile applications will be a highly competitive marketplace this year and those device vendors that proactively integrate innovative apps at the platform layer will have the competitive edge.

Have you ever wondered how they get the yellow 10 yard line on the field during a football game? Or how strikes and balls show up in a little box during a baseball game, or how is it that when NASCAR races are at full speed that all the driver's information flies around the screen with them? Wonder no more....


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