Early Renewal Special: Basic Web Hosting

Our team always strives to offer our customers the best support and customer care possible. We like to think of ourselves as a staff that goes above and beyond to find and fit your needs with the perfect solution. We value the bond that we have with each of our customers and look forward to building a strong and long term relationship. At Lunarpages, our team is constantly brainstorming new ideas to give you the best service while making sure that we help save you money wherever we can. That’s why we’ve come up with the Early Renewal Special.

Here is a breakdown of the discount we are providing you with:
3 years @ $4.95 (normally $5.95 = $36 saving) + 3 months free @ $5.95 per month = $17.85 saving
$36 + $17.85 = $53.85 Saved!

As you can see, the savings to you is over $50! The final price would be $178.20 for 39 months of Basic web hosting. We are pleased to offer this promotion for a limited time and have created an easy way to take advantage of it. Simply click on the Early Renewal button below, fill out the information needed and we’ll take care of the rest! We know that you have many choices when it comes to web hosting; thank you for choosing Lunarpages.

Do you have questions about this offer? If yes, contact our billing department at 877-586-2772 option 2, or email them at billing@lunarpages.com.

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